Hilltop Royalty Advisors is a consulting firm for mineral and royalty owners with oil and gas interests in Texas. Since 2009, the industry veterans at Hilltop have lent their expertise to hundreds of mineral and royalty owners, often informing them that it is in their best interest to not sell their minerals. Hilltop was formed as a hobby, with the goal of helping mineral owners, and any compensation to be paid to Hilltop is at the sole discretion of the mineral owner.

Hilltop does not create attorney-client relationships with mineral owners, but we put our landman hats on and work with them to increase their lease offers, or, should they desire to sell, to find the highest purchase offer for their minerals.

Our experience and resources allow us to provide many mineral owners with more information about their property in a matter of minutes, than what they would be able to learn after spending weeks researching the internet.

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