Q: How much does your service cost?

A: We do this as a hobby, so we let the mineral owners decide what they want to pay us, if anything. Some have paid a percentage of the sale price, some have paid $100, and some have paid nothing.

Q: How much are my minerals worth?

A: The truth of the matter is that minerals are impossible to value. Land previously thought to have no value can change overnight with the discovery of new oil and gas formations, technological improvements, commodity price changes, and more.

In order to help mineral owners maximize the value of their property in a sale, we build a comprehensive marketing package for their minerals, and send it to our expansive network of mineral buyers.

Once the offers begin to arrive, we counter-offer by leveraging the highest offers off of one another. Once the highest offer has been obtained, the mineral owner is able to decide whether or not they want to accept the offer.

Q: Should I sell my minerals?

A: As was described above, the value of minerals can change dramatically overnight. While it is impossible to know for sure what minerals may be worth tomorrow, next year, ten years from now, etc…what is known is that once you have sold them, they are gone. With that said, we recognize that everyone has different desires and needs that necessitate a sale of minerals.

Depending on many variables, it may be advantageous to sell just a portion of the minerals, or perhaps just a royalty interest. These are options that we discuss with mineral owners based on their individual circumstances.

Q: Do you have any references?

A: We have had the pleasure of assisting many mineral owners throughout the country in the divestiture and leasing of their minerals in Texas. These deals have ranged from a few hundred dollars to multiple millions of dollars.

Should you desire any references, please contact us and we will gladly point you in the direction of clients and their representatives that have voluntarily expressed an interest in advocating on our behalf.

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