Have you been approached with an offer to purchase your minerals? If so, you are probably not being given what can be considered a fair price, much less a price that you and your grandchildren will be happy with in the long run.

When you receive an unsolicited purchase offer, it is typically linked to a buyer that has a knowledge of what the near term upside potential is for the property. A review of the county property records, railroad commission records, subscription based industry services, and reaching out to our network of colleagues in the industry can typically result in a clear picture of what type of activity is occurring in a particular area, and what a reasonable expectation can be for future oil and gas development.

This is critical information to have when seeking to maximize the value of a sale of your oil and gas interests, and it is information we include in the formal package we construct and broadcast to as many mineral buyers as we can.

You may have come to this site wondering how much your minerals are worth. The truth of the matter is that minerals are impossible to value. Land previously thought to have no value can change overnight with the discovery of new oil and gas formations, technological improvements, commodity price changes, and more.

In order to help mineral owners maximize the value of their property in a sale, we build a comprehensive marketing package for their minerals, and send it to our expansive network of mineral buyers. Once the offers begin to arrive, we counter-offer by leveraging the highest offers off of one another. Once the highest offer has been obtained, the mineral owner is able to decide whether or not they want to accept the offer.

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